Akasen Chitai - Street of Shame


Akasen Chitai - Street of Shame

Kenji MizoguchiJapan – 1956

Five fates of women from Tokyo's brothel district in the 1950s are the focus of Kenji Mizoguchi's last film, who devoted the majority of his works to the historical and social situation of Japanese women. The theme is shaped by socio-critical commitment, human sympathy and unspeculative openness.

Original Title Akasen Chitai - Street of Shame
German Title Die Strasse der Schande
French Title Akasen chitai
Other Titles La strada della vergogna
Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
Country Japan
Available Formats DVD
Screenplay Masashige Narusawam Yoshiko Shibaki (Roman "Susaki no Onna")
Film Editing Kanji Sugawara
Soundtrack Toshirô Mayuzumi
Cinematography Kazuo Miyagawa
Décors Hiroshi Mizutani
Production Masaichi Nagata
Runtime 87 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Machiko Kyo Mickey
Ayako Wakao Yasumi
Michiyo Kogure Hanae
Aiko Mimasu Yumeko
Kenji Sugawara Eiko
Yasuko Kawakami Shizuko
Eitaro Shindo Kurazo Taya
Bontaro Miake
Haruo Tanaka
Sadako Sawamura

Filmfestival Venedig Mainichi Film Concours Best Supporting Actress Sadako Sawamura


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