A group of armed and masked men belonging to the Muslim Abu Sayyaf group burst into a hotel on an island resort and kidnap twelve foreign guests. The attack was intended to target employees of the World Bank, but they have already left the resort. The abductees are tourists and Christian missionaries who are now forced on a gruelling foot march through the Philippine jungle. Together, the hostages and the kidnappers find themselves having to cope with the trials of nature; gradually, the climate of fear, prejudice and hatred evolves into a strange, symbiotic relationship. The contours begin to blur, certainties are called into question. Nothing seems to be the same any more … As in his earlier work, Brillante Mendoza once again invites the viewer of CAPTIVE to enter the extremely ambivalent inner world of a huis clos. Taking the viewer hostage as it were, the film creates a sensibility for a series of existential threats posed by humans and nature alike and also explores with eerie magic real and spiritual ways out of the crisis. Based on historical events that occurred in 2001, the film was shot in real locations with a cast of nonprofessionals and actors.

Original Title Captive
German Title Captive - Entführt
French Title Captive
Other Titles Captive
Directed by Brillante Mendoza
Country Philippines
Available Formats 35mm, DCP
Screenplay Brillante Mendoza, Patrick Bancarel, Boots Agbayani Pastor, Arlyn dela Cruz
Film Editing Yves Deschamps, Kats Serraon
Soundtrack Teresa Barrozo
Cinematography Odyssey Flores
Sound Laurent Chassaigne, Albert Michael Idioma, Addiss Tabong
Décors Simon Legré, Benjamin Padero
Production Centerstage Productions, Mandaluyong
Runtime 120 Min.
Language Tagalog, Englisch/d
Thérèse Bourgoine Isabelle Huppert
Sophie Bernstein Kathy Mulville
John Bernstein Marc Zanetta
Ahmed Timothy Mabalot
Marianne Agudo Pineda Maria Isabel Lopez

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