La danse du singe et du poisson


La danse du singe et du poisson

The seven young Cambodian actresses who were chosen to play the main parts of The Rice People were all born during the Khmer Rouge genocide between 1975 and 1979 or under the subsequent occupation. When they are not on the set, they are all practicing the art of choreography between the walls of the former royal palace of Phnom Penh.

Original Title La danse du singe et du poisson
German Title Der Tanz des Affen und des Fisches
French Title La danse du singe et du poisson
Other Titles La danse du singe et du poisson
Directed by Pierre-Alain Meier
Country Cambodia
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Pierre-Alain Meier
Film Editing Loredana Cristelli
Cinematography Matthias Kälin
Sound Martin Witz
Production Thelma Film AG, Zürich, JBA Production, Paris; Meteora Film
Runtime 43 Min.
Language Khmer, franz. Kommentare/d/f
Chhim Naline Sokha
Va Simorn Sokhoeun
Sophy Sodany Sokhon
Muong Danyda Sophon
Pen Sopheary Sophoeun
Proum Mary Sophat
Sâm Kourou Sopheap

The first images coming to my mind in connection with the horrors of war are not a city in ruins or a mass grave, but the eyes of the children who survived. These seven young actresses already know the price of life, maybe the only positive aspect of a war. This is what we tried to convey here.
Pierre-Alain Meier


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