Despabílate amor


Despabílate amor

Eliseo SubielaArgentina – 1996

When a group of former high school pals who came of age during a brutal Argentinean dictatorship reunite 25 years after their graduation, old bonds are reexamined and old wounds are reopened in this poetic comedy drama. Among other issues, Ernesto must deal with his former love’s (marriage to his onetime best buddy Ricardo. A series of flashbacks explore the intertwining stories of these old friends. A film with a lot of music, that provokes nostalgic feelings, for sure among viewers of the same age as the main characters.

Original Title Despabílate amor
German Title Wach auf, Liebe
French Title Réveille-toi, amour
Other Titles Wake up, Love!
Directed by Eliseo Subiela
Country Argentina
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Eliseo Subiela
Film Editing Marcela Sáenz
Soundtrack Martín Bianchedi
Cinematography Daniel Rodríguez
Production Artear Argentina/CQ3 S.A., Eliseo Subiela
Runtime 90 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
Darío Grandinetti Ernesto
Soledad Silveyra Ana
Juan Leyrado Ricardo
Marilyn Solaya Vera
Emilia Mazer Silvia
Joaquin Bonet Sebastián

Publikumspreis am Festival von Huelva
Preis der Filmautoren, Andalusien 1997
Grosser Preis der Jugendjury und Preis der Internationalen Juri in Fribourg


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