Dragon Inn

King HuTaiwan – 1971

After a successful intrigue, General Yu is executed by his political opponent eunuch Zhao and his children are banished from China. But the General's children are a thorn in Zhao's side and so he does everything to kill them on their way into exile. He sets an ambush at the lonely hostel at the dragon gate. But the faithful followers of the assassinated general rush to help the children. A fight for life and death unleashes itself.

Original Title Dragon Inn
German Title Die Herberge zum Drachentor
French Title Dragon Inn
Other Titles Long men kezhan
Directed by King Hu
Country Taiwan
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay King Hu
Film Editing Hung Min Chen
Soundtrack Lan-Ping Chow, Ta Chiang Wu
Cinematography Hui-Ying Hua
Sound Hua Chang
Décors Chih Liang Chou
Costumes Chia-Chih Li
Production L.S. Chang
Runtime 111 Min.
Language Mandarin/d
Ying Bai Pai Ying
Chun Shih Xiao Shaozi
Feng Hsu
Chien Tsao
Lingfeng Shangguan

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