After a short investigation, the police concludes that the shot that almost killed justice commissionner Constantino Zegarra was in fact a stray bullet. But Constantino, convinced that someone wants him out of the way, re-opens the investigation. This soon leads him to exceed his own powers to prove he is right.

Original Title El mudo
German Title El mudo
French Title El mudo
Other Titles El mudo
Directed by Daniel und Diego Vega
Country Peru
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Manuel Arias, Diego Vega, Daniel Vega
Film Editing Gianfranco Annichini
Soundtrack Oscar Camacho
Cinematography Fergan Chávez-Ferrer
Sound Edgar Lostanau
Décors Mario Frías
Production Maretazo Cine, Lima
Runtime 86 Min.
Language Spanisch/f
Fernando Bacilio
Lidia Rodríguez
Juan Luis Maldonado
Augusto Varillas
José Luis Gómez
Norka Ramírez
Ernesto Ráez

Best Actor, Locarno 2013


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