En el nombre de la hija


En el nombre de la hija

Tania HermidaEcuador – 2011

En el Nombre de la Hija tells the story of a nine-year old girl whose name is in dispute.

Manuela has been named alter her socialist-atheist father, but her catholic-conservative grandmother insists she should carry the name the first daughters of the family have carried for generations: Dolores.

The story takes place in a Valley in the Ecuadorian Andes, during the summer of 1976. Manuela and her little brother, Camilo, are spending vacations with their cousins and grandparents at the family's farmhouse.

Eager to defend her father's ideas, Manuela confronts her cousins and grandparents, but an unexpected encounter leads her to confront herself instead.

Hidden in the family's abandoned library, schizophrenic uncle Felipe is devoted to setting words free from the constraints of dogmas. His wisdom sets Manuela free from her own dogmas and forever changes her relationship with words, including her own name.

Original Title En el nombre de la hija
German Title Im Namen der Tochter
French Title El nombre de la hija
Other Titles El nombre de la hija - In the Name of the Girl
Directed by Tania Hermida
Country Ecuador
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Tania Hermida
Film Editing Juan Carlos Donoso, Vanessa Amores
Soundtrack Nelson García
Cinematography Armando Salazar
Sound Juan José Luzuriaga
Décors Juan Carlos Acevedo
Production ecuador para largo
Runtime 102 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
Eva Mayu Mecham Benavides Manuela
Markus Mecham Benavides Camilio
Martina León María Paz
Sebastián Hormachea Andrés
Francisco Jaramillo Emilio
Paúl Curillo Pepe
Dianneris Díaz Juanita
Pancho Aguirre Tio Felipe

Filmfestival Roma, Premio Alice nella città

UNICEF Preis des 24. Intern. Filmfestivals für Kinder in Wien

Festival La Habana, Premio caminos

Films du Sud Neuchâtel, Prix du jury des jeunes

Best Camerawork, Festival de Cine de Santo Domingo

Prix Ciné Junior, Festival Vallée de la Marne


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