Eu, tu, eles

In Russas, a poor, desolate and dry settlement in the arid backlands of the northeast of Brazil, the countrywoman Darlene de Lima Linhares lives together with her three husbands - Osias, Zezinho and Ciro - and two children. She has managed her simple life with them, taking from each one what he's able to give best. A very special story in the middle of nowhere.

Original Title Eu, tu, eles
German Title Ich, Du, sie - Darlenes Männer
French Title La vie peu ordinaire de Dona Linhares
Other Titles Me, You, Them
Directed by Andrucha Waddington
Country Brazil
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Andrucha Waddington
Film Editing Vincente Kubrusly
Soundtrack Gilberto Gil
Cinematography Breno Silveira
Sound Mark A. Van Der Willigen
Décors Toni Vanzolini
Costumes Cláudia Kopke
Production Conspiraçao files, Columbia Tristar Filmes do Brasil
Runtime 107 Min.
Language Portugiesisch/d/f
Regina Casé Darlene
Lima Duarte Osias
Sténio Garcia Zezinho
Luiz Carlos Vanconcelos Ciro
Nilda Spencer Raquel
Diogo Lopes Vaqueiro negro
Helena Araújo Darlene's mother
Iami Rebouças Moça do forró
Lucien Paulo Capataz

Grosser Preis am Festival Havanna 2000
Grand prix Cinema Brasil 2001
Mention spéciale Un certain regard, Cannes 2000.

«The legendary Brazilian songsmith Gilberto Gil supplies the score for this reality-based comedy, in which an independent-minded woman decides that if one live-in husband doesn't fulfill her needs, she can always add more.»
The New York Times


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