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Im Film wird die Geschichte zweier junger Frauen während des Unabhängigkeitskrieges in Rhodesien, dem heutigen Simbabwe, erzählt. Als sie sich 15 Jahre später wieder treffen, müssen sie sich zwar eingestehen, dass viele ihrer Ideale nicht eingelöst werden konnten - doch Resignation liegt ihnen fern. Der kollektive Kampf um die Unabhängigkeit des heutigen Zimbabwe wird so sogleich zu einer Metapher für den Kampf um die persönliche Freiheit afrikanischer Frauen.

Original Title Flame
German Title Flame
French Title Flame
Other Titles Flame
Directed by Sinclair & Bright Ingrid & Simon
Country Zimbabwe
Available Formats DVD
Screenplay Ingrid Sinclai, Barbara Jago, Philip Roberts
Film Editing Elisabeth Moulinier
Soundtrack Dick 'Chinx' Chingaira, Keith Goddard, Philip Roberts
Cinematography João Costa
Décors Carine Tredgold
Costumes Heeten Bhagat
Production Simon Bright, Joel Phiri
Runtime 90 Min.
Language Englisch/d/f
Marian Kunonga Florence (Flame)
Ulla Mahaka Nyasha (Liberty)
Moise Matura Che
Norman Madawo Danger
Dick 'Chinx' Chingaira Rapo

"Flame is a bold, powerful, and deeply moving portrayal of the courage and complexity of Zimbabwean women freedom fighters. It depicts the real-life relationships among those engaged in national liberation struggles and of the challenge of sustaining those relationships in times of peace. This is a very impressive work."
Angela Davis        

"This tremendous film tells a story which is both unfashionable and politically incorrect in its home country...The applause for this film was the loudest at Cannes."        
The Guardian

"A unique film that personalizes issues often overlooked - the differences between rural and urban, uneducated and educated, which emerge in post-revolutionary societies like Zimbabwe's. Anyone examining the situation of women in post-colonial countries will find Flame an accessible and engaging resource."        
Joel Samoff, Stanford University   


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