O Grande Bazar

Two boys with different experiences and goals meet up in a sprawling African market. One is looking for a job to get back what was stolen from him and return home; the other will do anything to avoid having to go back with his family. They become friends and together they reinvent the world.

Original Title O Grande Bazar
German Title Der grosse Bazar
French Title Le grand bazar
Other Titles The Great Bazar
Directed by Licínio Azevedo
Country Mozambique
Available Formats DVD
Screenplay Licínio Azevedo
Film Editing Orlando Mesquita
Soundtrack Chico Antonio
Cinematography Karl de Sousa
Sound Gabriel Mondlane
Production EBANO Multimedia
Runtime 56 Min.
Language Portugiesisch, Shangana
Edmundo Mondlane Paito
Chano Orlando (Xano) Xano
Chico Antonio Lenhador
Paito Tcheco Kadapé
Manuel Adamo Photographe
Bento Castigo Big

XVI Balafon Film Festival - Best Feature Film; FIPA 2006 Silver FIPA Award

Durban Festival - Best Short Film Award

Fribourg Film Festival (Switzerland)

Children Film Festival London

Cinema Africa (Sweden)

Rassegna di Cinema Africano (Italy)


Tampere Film Festival (Finland)

AfryKamera Festival (Poland)

Journées Cinématographique de Carthage

Montreal Film Festival

Vancouver International Film Festival


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