A idade da terra

Glauber RochaBrazil – 1980

First presented and highly debated at the 1980 Venice Film Festival, this film became the legacy of the late Glauber Rocha, who noted: "A idade da terra (The Age of the Earth) is the decomposition of the narrative sequence without losing the infrastructural discourse that is supposed to materialize the most representative signs of the Third World. The film offers a symphony of images and sound or is an anti-symphony that puts the essential problems into the background. This film can only be classified in this way: He is my portrait next to the portrait of Brazil."

As someone writes on Imdb, the film is not ideal for an audience that is afraid of experimental and controversial works. Anyone who appreciates Glauber Rocha and his radicalism understand this film as a single rebellion that was to become Glauber Rocha's last rebellion: The committed and enraged Brazilian, who had a major influence on "Cinema Novo", died in 1981 from the consequences of a lung infection.

Original Title A idade da terra
German Title A idade da terra - Das Alter der Erde
French Title L'age de la terre
Other Titles L'età della terra
Directed by Glauber Rocha
Country Brazil
Available Formats DVD
Screenplay Glauber Rocha, Castro Alves
Film Editing Carlos Cox, Ricardo Miranda, Raul Soares
Soundtrack Rogério Duarte
Cinematography Pedro de Moraes, Roberto Pires
Sound Jorge Saldanha, Sylvia Maria Amorim de Alencar
Décors Nilde Maria Goebel
Costumes Raul Willian Amaral Barbosa, Paula Gaetan
Production Glauber Rocha
Runtime 140 Min.
Language Portugiesisch/d/f
Maurício do Valle Brahms
Jece Valadão Indianischer Christ
Antonio Pitanga Schwarzer Christ
Tarcísio Meira Militärischer Christ
Geraldo Del Rey Revolutionärer Christ
Ana Maria Magalhães Aurora Madalena
Norma Bengell Amazonas Königin
Danuza Leão Frau von Brahms
Carlos Petrovicho Teufel
Paloma Rocha Junge Frau
Carlos Castelo Branco Carlos Castelo Branco

Mostra del Cinema Venezia 1980

“Jede Szene dieses Films ist eine Lektion dafür, wie modernes Kino aussehen sollte.”

Michelangelo Antonioni

“Das Alter der Erde ist die Zerlegung der Erzählsequenz, ohne dass dabei der infrastrukturelle Diskurs verloren geht, der die repräsentativsten Zeichen der dritten Welt materialisieren soll.”
Glauber Rocha


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