Lagaan takes place in the small village of Champaner, now in the State of Gujarat, in western India during the height of the British Empire in India in 1893. Captain Andrew Russell, the commanding officer of the Champaner cantonment, has imposed high taxes (lagaan) on people from the local villages which they are unable to pay due to a prolonged drought. Led by Bhuvan, the villagers beg Raja Puran Singh to help them. He tells them that much to his regret, he is also bound by British law. It is after their visit to the Raja that the people of the village first witness a cricket match. Bhuvan mocks the game and gets into a fight with one of the British officers. Taking an instant dislike to Bhuvan, Russell offers to cancel the taxes of the whole province for three years if the villagers can beat his men in a game of cricket. If the villagers lose, however, they will have to pay three times the amount of their normal taxes. Bhuvan accepts this wager on the behalf of all villages without their consent. When the other villagers find out about the bet, they are furious with Bhuvan. He argues that it is important for everyone to fight against British rule.

Original Title Lagaan
German Title Lagaan
French Title Lagaan
Other Titles Once Upon A Time in India
Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker
Country India
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Ashutosh Gowariker
Film Editing Ballu Saluja
Soundtrack A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Anil Metha
Sound Nakul Kamte
Décors Nitin Desai
Costumes Bhanu Athaiya
Production Aamir Khan
Runtime 224 Min.
Language Hindi, Englisch/d/f
Aamir Khan Bhuvan
Gracy Singh Gaury
Rachel Shelly Elizabeth
Paul Blackthorne Andrew Russell

Prix du public Locarno 2001; Oscar-Nomination; 7 Bollywood-Oscars

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inserat_sw[fr] (442 kB)


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