Late Autumn - Akibiyori


Late Autumn - Akibiyori

Yasujiro OZUJapan – 1960

Seven years after the death of a close friend, three middle-aged men plan to arrange a marriage for the dead man’s daughter. But 24-year old Ayako doesn’t really want to marry; she would rather continue taking care of her widowed mother. So the three men decide that the best course is to marry off the rather comely mother, Akiko, before the daughter … preferably to one of them. This plants seeds of estrangement between mother and daughter, and the latter begins to seriously consider one of the proposed marriage candidates … ‘Good grief, it’s all very complicated,’ we hear at the height of the comic-melancholy imbroglio. Director Yasujiro Ozu tells us the story in the simplest possible, yet artful, way, in images tinged with softness, both in color and language. Akibiyori is the third to last film by the great Japanese director and only one of four color movies in his oeuvre. In honor of the 50th anniversary of his death and the year in which he would have turned 110, the original negatives have been used for digital restorations done in consultation with former members of Ozu’s crew

Original Title Late Autumn - Akibiyori
German Title Spätherbst - Später Herbst
French Title Fin d'automne
Other Titles Giorni sereni d'autunno
Directed by Yasujiro OZU
Country Japan
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Kôgo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu, Ton Satomi (novel)
Film Editing Yoshiyasu Hamamura
Soundtrack Takanobu Saitô
Cinematography Yûharu Atsuta
Sound Yoshisaburô Senoo
Décors Tatsuo Hamada
Costumes Toshikazu Sugiyama
Production Shochiku, Shizuo Yamanouchi
Runtime 128 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Setsuko Hara Akiko Miwa
Yôko Tsukasa Ayako Miwa
Mariko Okada Yuriko Sasaki
Keiji Sada Shotaru Goto
Miyuki Kuwano Michiko
Chishû Ryû Shukichi Miwa
Nobuo Nakamura Shuzo Taguchi

Asia-Pacific Film Festival 1961: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress

«A la fois plein d’humour et de mélancolie, Fin d’automne promène son histoire et sa durée au gré des méandres du quotidien des japonais, pour ne pas dire des êtres humains en général.» Julien Léonard DVD ClassiK


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