Un lugar en el mundo


Un lugar en el mundo

«A Place in the World» by Adolfo Aristarain, looks at people who, having fought for a better world, are in the aftermath of defeat. Federico Luppi plays the main character as a teacher who is back from along exile he shared with his doctor wife, Cecilia Roth. Both are living with their teenaged son, Batyi, in a San Luis valley seven hundred miles away from Buenos Aires. While baking bread for his poor pupils, Luppi inspires and leads a community effort aimed at getting fair prices for the farmers' output, sidestepping ruthless landowner Rodolfo Ranm. Roth devotes herself to her neighbors' health, aided by Leonor Benedetto, a strong willed nun always dressed in civilian clothes, and José Sacristan, a Spanish geologist whose cynicism thaws as he understands the ethics of his new friends.

Original Title Un lugar en el mundo
German Title Ein Ort auf dieser Welt
French Title Un lieu dans le monde
Other Titles A Place in this World
Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
Country Argentina
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Adolfo Aristarain und Alberto Lecchi
Film Editing Eduardo Lopez
Soundtrack Emilio Kauderer
Cinematography Ricardo de Angelis
Sound José Luis Diaz
Runtime 124 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
José Sacristian Hans
Federico Luppi Mario
Cecilia Roth Ana
Leonor Benedetto Nelda
Gaston Batyi Ernesto

San Sebastian Film Festival: Golden Seashell; OCIC Award
Nantes: Prix du public
Goya Awards: Best Foreign Film in Spanish Language
Argentine Film Critics Association Awards: Silver Condor, Best Actor, Federico Luppi; Best Actress, Cecilia Roth; Best Director, Adolfo Aristarain; Best Film; Best Music, Emilio Kauderer; Best New Actor, Gaston Batyi; Best Original Screenplay, Adolfo Aristarain, Alberto Lecchi, and Kathy Saavedra; Best Supporting Actor, José Sacristán
Fribourg: Prix du public
Gramado Film Festival: Golden Kikito, Best Latin Film
Ondas Awards: Film, Director
Oscar-Nomination für den besten ausländischen Film

The characters and conflicts that keep the story moving fluently are remembered in flashback by Batyi. The son also recalls his first romance with Lorena De Rio, a coming of age troubled by the jealousy of her father, Hugo Arana, Ranni's fiery foreman


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