Maboroshi no hikari

Hirokazu KORE-EDAJapan – 1995

Yumiko is a young woman from Osako, whose life is defined by the death of her loved ones. She lost her grandmother at the age of twelve, and her husband Ikuo, who is the reincarnation of her grandmother to her, commits suicide some months after the birth of their child. Once more Yumiko loses a person she had really loved. Five years later she marries Tamio, a man who lives by the sea together with his eight-year-old daughter from his first marriage. Her pain has ceased until the day she returns to her place of birth and gets caught up by her memories.

Original Title Maboroshi no hikari
German Title Maboroshi - Das Licht der Illusion
French Title Maborosi
Other Titles Maboroshi - Illusion
Directed by Hirokazu KORE-EDA
Country Japan
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Yoshihisha Ogita
Film Editing Tomoyo Oshima
Soundtrack Chen Ming-Chang
Cinematography Masao Nakabori, Fumio Maruyama
Production Naoe Gozu, TV Man Union, Tokyo
Runtime 108 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Makiko Esumi Yumiko
Takashi Naito Tamio
Tadanobu Asano Ikuo
Goki Kashiyama Yuichi
Naomi Watanabe Tomoko
Midori Kiuchi Michiko
Akira Emoto Yoshihiro
Mutsuko Sakura Tomeno

Bester Erstling Venedig 1995; Golden Award Chicago; First Award Vancouver; Prix Sadoul 1995; Prix de l'Age d'Or Cinédecouvertes 1996; Akutagawa-Award für Teru Miyamoto

"Ich hatte das Glück, Mabaroshi zu entdecken. Die unglaubliche Einfachheit des Films tauchte mich in eine Flut von Emotionen, liess mich das Leben und Schickal einer jungen Unbekannten tei len, einer mir fernen und doch so nahen Frau Ergriffen vom ruhigen, friedvollen Fluss der Geschichte, wurde ich von grosser Dankbarkeit erfüllt. Der Film gab mir diese besondere intime Vertrautheit zurück, jene geheimnisvolle Identität, welche nur in Japan ihren Ausdruck findet."
Jeanne Moreau


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