Mat - Die Mutter

Wsewolod PudowkinRussia – 1926

In this film, the mother of Pavel Vlasov is drawn into the revolutionary conflict when her husband and son find themselves on opposite sides during a worker's strike. After her husband dies during the failed strike, she betrays her son's ideology in order to try, in vain, to save his life. He is arrested, tried in what amounts to a judicial farce, and sentenced to heavy labor in a prison camp. During his incarceration, his mother aligns herself with him and his ideology and joins the revolutionaries. In the climax of the movie, the mother and hundreds of others march to the prison in order to free the prisoners, who are aware of the plan and have planned their escape. Ultimately, the troops of the Tsar suppress the uprising, killing both mother and son in the final scenes.

Original Title Mat - Die Mutter
German Title Die Mutter
French Title La mère
Other Titles La madre
Directed by Wsewolod Pudowkin
Country Russia
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Natan Zarchi nach dem Roman von Maxim Gorki
Cinematography Anatoli Golownja
Décors Sergei Koslowski
Production Meschrabpom-Rus
Runtime 73 Min.
Language Stumm, Russ. Inserts/d
Wera Baranowskaja Mutter
Nikolai Batalow Pawel Wlassow (Sohn)
Alexander Tschistjakow Vater
Wsewolod Pudowkin Polizist
Iwan Kowal-Samborski Wesowschtschikow
Anna Zemcowa Revolutionärin

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