Memorias del subdesarrollo


Memorias del subdesarrollo

Following the revolution, Sergio, an upper middle-class Cuban from Havana finds himself alone when his wife and the rest of his family flee the island to settle down in Miami. Struggling to adjust to the new situation, to the seclusion and the new class relationships, he continues to live his life, goes through a few pathetic love stories, yet is unable to conceal the background that seems so much at odds with the new order.

Original Title Memorias del subdesarrollo
German Title Memorias del subdesarrollo
French Title Mémoires du sous-développement
Other Titles Memorias del subdesarrollo
Directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
Country Cuba
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, DCP
Screenplay Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Edmundo Desnoes
Film Editing Nelson Rodríguez
Soundtrack Leo Brouwer
Cinematography Ramón F. Suárez
Sound Carlos Fernández, Germinal Hernández, Eugenio Vesa
Décors Julio Matilla
Costumes Elba Pérez
Production ICAIC - Miguel Mendoza
Runtime 97 Min.
Language Spanisch/d + f + i
Sergio Corrieri Sergio Carmona Mendoyo
Daisy Granados Elena
Eslinda Núñez Noemi
Omar Valdés Pablo
René de la Cruz Elenas Bruder
Yolanda Farr
Ofelia González
Jose Gil Abad
Daniel Jordan
Luis López
Rafael Sosa
Eduardo Casado Revuelta
René Depestre René Depestre
Edmundo Desnoes Edmundo Desnoes
Pello el Afrokán

«Ein fesselndes und zutiefst enigmatisches Meisterwerk, nun in glänzend restaurierter Fassung.» Pierfrancesco Basile, Züritipp


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