Narayama Bushiko - Imamura


Narayama Bushiko - Imamura

Shohei IMAMURAJapan – 1982

Peaceful living and dying are a central theme in this masterpiece by the Japanese Shohei Imamura, a literary film adaptation in the mountain region of Narayama. In a small mountain village on the edge of a valley, all who have turned seventy must leave the community and climb a certain mountain to die. Anyone who defies tradition brings misfortune to his own family. Orin is 69 years old and is about to climb the mountain this winter. But first she has to make sure that her eldest son Tatsuhei finally finds a wife. With "Narayama Bushiko", the Japanese Shohei Imamura has created what is probably his most beautiful film, a moving story about primordial questions of existence, staged in a fantastically beautiful Japanese mountain landscape and a nature in which people are a natural component. This nature includes coming and going, and this is what the film is about; existence is created between the two poles. This magnificent work, which has received several awards, has been reissued in a new copy.

Original Title Narayama Bushiko - Imamura
German Title Die Ballade von Narayama - Imamura
French Title La ballade de Narayama - Imamura
Other Titles La ballata di Narayama
Directed by Shohei IMAMURA
Country Japan
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, DCP
Screenplay Shohei Imamura
Film Editing Hajime Okayasu
Soundtrack Shin'ichiro Ikebe
Cinematography Masao Tochizawa
Production Jiro Tomoda , Toei Company LTD, Tokio, Japan
Runtime 130 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Ken Ogata
Sumiko Sakamoto
Aki Takejo
Misuko Baisho
Nijiko Kiyokawa

Palme d'or Cannes 1983

«In epischer Breite zeichnet das preisgekrönte Werk voller Sinn-lichkeit und Anteilnahme ein Bild von hartem Leben in einer dörflichen Berggemeinschaft, deren Leben dem Rhythmus der Natur unterworfen ist.»  Rolf Niederer, NZZ

«Une synthèse grandiose entre l’organique et le spirituel.» Passion Cinéma

La société actuelle m'apparaît comme une illusion, le Japon d'avant-guerre était certes plus pauvre, mais les gens du peuple y avaient plus de cœur, ils étaient moins motivés par l'abondance. Pour moi, le Japon actuel n'est qu'une fiction.» Shohei Imamura


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