In Offret, the last film by Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky, an apocalyptic catastrophe breaks out over an actor's birthday party. Former actor Alexander (Erland Josephson) celebrates his birthday with his family and some friends in his house on the coast. It's a beautiful day until the radio announces a catastrophe that threatens the whole world. In order to keep everything as it was the day before, Alexander wants to make a sacrifice, but will that help?

Original Title Offret
German Title Das Opfer
French Title Sacrifice
Other Titles Sacrificio
Directed by Andrei Tarkowski
Country Russia
Available Formats DVD, DCP
Screenplay Andrei Tarkowski
Film Editing Andrei Tarkowski, Michal Leszczylowski
Soundtrack Volksmusi aus Schweden und Japan, Bach
Cinematography Sven Nykvist
Sound Owe Svensson, Lars C. Lundberg
Décors Anna Asp
Costumes Inger Pehrsson
Production Svenska Filminstitutet
Runtime 149 Min.
Language Schwedisch/d
Erland Josephson Alexander
Susan Fleetwood Adelaide
Allan Edwall Otto
Tommy Kjellqvist Jungchen
Gudrun Gisladotir Maria
Sven Wollter Viktor
Valérie Mairesse Julia
Pilippa Franzén Marta

Filmfestival Cannes:
Grand Jury Award
Best Artistic Contribution Sven Nykvist
Preis der ökumenischen Jury
Valladolid Filmfestival: Golden Spike, best Film
BAFTA AWARDS: Best Foreign Language Film


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