O Sanduíche

Jorge FurtadoBrazil – 2000

SANDUICHE (SANDWICH, in Portuguese) is a mind-bender mix of detailed character profiles, multiple points of view, and the art of cooking. But most of all, SANDWICH is wonderful because of Jorge Furtado's ability to tell a story in a way that changes entirely our perspective in each turn of the story. Here this master proves that making a movie could be just like cooking a meal - you blend flavors to create something unique. That's what makes SANDWICH so appealing - the way Furtado creates a story that changes its "flavor" every time. Passion, jealousy, anxiety, love, irony, it's everything here. A masterpiece. For those who are not familiar with the work of Furtado, take a look at another short, ILHA DAS FLORES (ISLAND OF FLOWERS), considered one of the 100 best shorts of all time by the Clermont-Ferrand Festival. (IMDB)

Original Title O Sanduíche
German Title Sandwich
French Title Sandwich
Other Titles Sandwich
Directed by Jorge Furtado
Country Brazil
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Jorge Furtado
Film Editing Giba Assis Brasil, Fábio Lobanowsky
Soundtrack Leo Henkin
Cinematography Alex Sernambi
Sound Ana Chiarini
Décors Fiapo Barth
Production Casa da cinema
Runtime 13 Min.
Language Portugiesisch/d/f
Janaína Kremer Motta
Felipe Mônaco Felipe Mônaco
Milene Zardo
Nélson Diniz
Laura Toscani

Candango Trophy, Festival Brasilia

Miami Brasilian Festival: Best Shortfilm, best Actor, best Actress, best Cinematography


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