Scandal - Sukyandaru (Shubun)


Scandal - Sukyandaru (Shubun)

Akira KUROSAWAJapan – 1950

Kurosawa's favourite actor of the early years was Toshiro Mifune. Here he plays the famous painter Ichiro Aoye, who spends his holidays in the mountains and meets the young singer Miyako Saijo. They live in the same hotel and spend some time together. Two reporters photograph them together and publish the pictures in a tabloid magazine - in revenge for Saijo's refusal to give them an interview. The scandal was there, and the painter's lawyer is bribed by the editor-in-chief of the magazine to get money for his seriously ill daughter. Kurosawa puts characters in situations in which it is difficult for them to make a decision. Akira Kurosawa: "After the war Japan experienced something new: freedom of the press. Of course, it was quickly abused. A relevant mass press thought it had to arouse readers' curiosity and trigger scandals with shamelessly vulgar articles. This tendency had to be stopped, that gave the impulse to my film."

Original Title Scandal - Sukyandaru (Shubun)
German Title Skandal
French Title Scandale
Other Titles Scandalo
Directed by Akira KUROSAWA
Country Japan
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Ryuzo Kikushima, Akira Kurosawa
Film Editing Yoshi Sugihara
Soundtrack Fumio Hayasaka
Cinematography Toshio Ubukata
Sound Saburo Omura
Décors Tatsuo Hamada
Costumes Bunjiro Suzuki
Production Takashi Koide
Runtime 104 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Toshiro Mifune Ichirô Aoye
Shirley Yamaguchi Miyako Saijo
Yôko Katsuragi Masako Hiruta
Noriko Sengoku Sumie
Eitarô Ozawa Hori
Takashi Shimura Richter Hiruta
Shinichi Himori Redaktor Asai
Ichirô Shimizu Arai
Fumiko Okamura Mutter

«Mit diesem leicht und flüssig erzählten «Problemfilm» reagierte Kurosawa 1950 auf das für Japan neue Phänomen der Pressefreiheit, die umgehend auch zu Missbräuchen führte. Das eigentliche Augenmerk Kurosawas gilt aber nicht dem titelgebenden «Skandal», sondern der Figur des Winkeladvokaten, den sein Stammdarsteller Takashi Shimura bereits mit jener umwerfenden Mischung von Menschlichkeit und Schwäche zeichnet, die ihn als Hauptdarsteller von Leben unvergesslich machen sollte.» Andreas Furler


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