Abu SayeedBangladesh – 2005

After more than 27 years of absence Chand returns to his birthplace in a stormy night. When he was still a child his parents were killed and the murderer seized his fields. Without exposing his real identity he meets the people that characterised his childhood: the sorceress Kunjuburi, his friend Fazlu and the son of his parent's murderer, Mannaf Khan. The latter welcomes him at first cordially, but when he comes to know his real identity he tries to ged rid of him.

Original Title Shankhonad
German Title Shankhonad
French Title Shankhonad
Other Titles
Directed by Abu Sayeed
Country Bangladesh
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Abu Sayeed
Film Editing Junaid Halim
Soundtrack S.I. Tutul
Cinematography Mahfuzur Rahman Khan
Sound Nasim Reza Shah
Production Anjan Chowdhury Pintu
Runtime 102 Min.
Language Bengali/d/f
Insan Ali
Naima Anwar
Mehenaj Boni
Kujo Buri
Rebeka Dipa
K.S. Firoz
Zahid Hasan
Saida Islam

Si l'on s'intéresse aux mécanismes de la violence sociale, aussi subtile au Bengale qu'ailleurs, ce film teinté de réalisme magique de l'enfance vaut le détour.

Le Temps

dossier_de_presse[fr] (120 kB)

epreuve_couleur[fr] (440 kB)

epreuve_nb[fr] (249 kB)

inserat_farbig[de] (440 kB)

inserat_sw[de] (249 kB)


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