Sishi buhuo


Sishi buhuo

Shaohong LiChina – 1992

The news that his first wife was pregnant with a child when they separated some ten years ago comes to official photographer Cao Depai (Li Xuejian) like a thunderbolt out of the blue. Now she is dead, and the son that he never knew was found wandering the streets. He is afraid to tell his new wife about this extra mouth to feed, and at first he attempts to house the lad at his darkroom. However, the boy sneaks visits to his father's current home frequently in order to play with his step-siblings, and eventually they are discovered together.

Original Title Sishi buhuo
German Title Familienporträt
French Title Portrait de famille
Other Titles Family Portrait
Directed by Shaohong Li
Country China
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Liu Heng
Film Editing Zhou Xinxia
Soundtrack Hou Mouren
Cinematography Zeng Nianping
Sound Zheng Chunyu; Guan Jian
Production Beijing Film Studio; Era International Ltd., Hongkong
Runtime 89 Min.
Language Mandarin/d/f
Li Xueijan Cao Depei
Song Dandan Duan
Ye Jing Xiaomu

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