Stray Dog - Nora inu

Akira KUROSAWAJapan – 1949

He is still young, the actor who should become known around the world with masterpieces like "Rashomon" or "The Seven Samurai". Here, Akira Kurosawa has created a thriller against the background of the recent and completely unprocessed Japanese war past, of which many of the characters, whether woman or man, talk. "Stray Dog" plays during the sultry hot summer in Tokyo in 1949. The young and completely inexperienced inspector Murakami (Toshiro Mifune) gets his loaded service weapon stolen from his jacket pocket in an overcrowded bus. Murakami is beside himself. He fears the worst consequences for his still young career. Together with his older colleague Sato from the theft department, he sets out on a search for traces of the thief. While we roam about the Japanese post-war setting with him, he gains experiences and learns to keep calm from the old and experienced colleague Sato. Women who are involved in what is going on are also snarling at him as a greenhorn. An impressive milieu study by Akira Kurosawa, in which the master proves himself in the genre film and shows us what he is capable of in narrative, atmospheric and visual terms.

Walter Ruggle

Original Title Stray Dog - Nora inu
German Title Ein herrenloser Hund
French Title Chien enragé
Other Titles Cane randagio
Directed by Akira KUROSAWA
Country Japan
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Ryûzô Kikushima, Akira Kurosawa
Film Editing Toshio Gotô, Yoshi Sugihara
Soundtrack Fumio Hayasaka
Cinematography Asakazu Nakai
Sound Fumio Yanoguchi
Décors Takashi Matsuyama, Yoshirô Muraki
Production Toho, Tokyo - Sôjirô Motoki
Runtime 122 Min.
Language Japanisch/d
Toshirô Mifune Det. Murakami
Takashi Shimura Det. Sato
Keiko Awaji Harumi Namaki
Eiko Miyoshi Mutter-mère Harumi
Noriko Sengoku Mädchen - jeune-fille

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