Those Wonderful Movie Cranks


Those Wonderful Movie Cranks

At the beginning of the 20th century, a film projectionist tours through Bohemian villages and dreams of opening a cinema in Prague. He allies himself with a young cameraman (played by Jiří Menzel), who in turn has a dream: He longs for true-to-life films that deal with the reality of people. Menzel's Those Wonderful Movie Cranks is one of the most beautiful tributes to the pioneers of the silent era, and the film is also a melancholic reflection on necessary concessions.

Original Title Those Wonderful Movie Cranks
German Title Die wunderbaren Männer mit der Kurbel
French Title Those Wonderful Movie Cranks
Other Titles Those Wonderful Movie Cranks - Báječní muži s klikou
Directed by Jiri Menzel
Country Czech Republic
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Jirí Menzel, Oldrich Vlcek
Film Editing Jirí Brozek
Soundtrack Jirí Sust
Cinematography Jaromír Sofr
Sound Milan Novotny
Décors Zbynek Hloch, Jirí Menzel
Costumes Theodor Pistek
Production Jan Suster
Runtime 90 Min.
Language Tschechisch/d/f
Rudolf Hrusínský Kouzelnik Vilém Pasparte
Vlasta Fabiánová Emílie Kolárová-Mladá
Blazena Holisová Vdova Evzenie Slavíková
Vladimír Mensík Kabaretiér Jára Slapeta
Jirí Menzel Fotograf Jakub Kolenatý

«Wenn man bei uns von „dem tschechischen Film“ spricht, meint man das Genre des Menzel-Films, diese merkwürdigste Verbindung von Weltweisheit, Einfalt, Bosheit, Poesie und Witz.» Tagesspiegel


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