Tous les jours la nuit - Mineros en Bolivia


Tous les jours la nuit - Mineros en Bolivia

Jean-Claude WickyBolivia – 2010

For many years, the Swiss photographer Jean-Claude Wicky captured the world of Bolivian miners in photographs. When he discovered how strongly they reacted to his pictures, he decided to make a film. Black-and-white photographs alternate with film sequences, in which the miners talk about the harsh conditions of their everyday lives, while also rendering visible their pride, dignity, culture and dynamic traditions. Every day is night is first and foremost a testimonial of profoundly sincere human encounters based on respect, generosity and gratitude.

Original Title Tous les jours la nuit - Mineros en Bolivia
German Title Alle Tage ist Nacht - Mineros en Bolivia
French Title Tous les jours la nuit - Mineros en Bolivia
Other Titles Tutti i giorni la notte - Every day is night
Directed by Jean-Claude Wicky
Country Bolivia
Available Formats DVD
Screenplay Jean-Claude Wicky
Film Editing Nicolas Chèvre
Soundtrack Julien Monti
Cinematography Nicolas Chèvre, Jean-Claude Wicky
Sound Carlos Mamani, Carlos Mújica
Runtime 58 Min.
Language Spanisch

Festival Les Diablerets: Prix du public + Diable d'Or de la catégorie Culture du Monde

«Un documentaire qui brûle les yeux et envahit les cœurs.» Jura pluriel

«Le témoignage de rencontres humaines profondément sincères, fondées sur le respect, la générosité et la reconnaissance mutuelles.» Visions du Réel


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