Trans-Cutucu - Zurück in den Urwald


Trans-Cutucu - Zurück in den Urwald

Lisa FaesslerEcuador – 2009

The mountain massif of Cutucú in the south of the Amazon region in Ecuador was a kind of defense against the environmental destruction for the native population but in the same time an obstacle. The people had no access to the modern world outside. The road through the Cutucú now allows mobility in order to exploit the fossil resurces but it grants the natives a way to reach the so called civilized world. The process happens in an unspectacular way. Where progress starts it cannot be stopped anymore: Escavating, digging, shovelling, grubbing, selling and buying: everyday madness. Excerpts from the film «Shuar, People of the Sacred Waterfalls» (1986) recall us, how in the traditional culture of the Shuar nature was an integrated part of life and mobility was achieved in the hallucinogenic ecstasy with no bounds. Today the natives are transporting wooden boards with horses to civilization. Wood is the fastest business, other products must first be created. Now the jungle disappears in everyday madness.

Original Title Trans-Cutucu - Zurück in den Urwald
German Title Trans-Cutucu - Zurück in den Urwald
French Title Trans-Cutucu - retour à la foret
Other Titles Trans-Cutucú - Ritorno alla foresta
Directed by Lisa Faessler
Country Ecuador
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, HD, Blu-ray
Screenplay Lisa Faessler
Film Editing Adrian Aeschbacher, Lisa Faessler
Soundtrack Station Filmmusik
Cinematography Pio Corradi
Sound Otto Cavadini, Jürg von Allmen
Production Lisa Faessler
Runtime 90 Min.
Language Shuar, Spanisch/d/f
Dokumentarfilm documentaire

Visions du Réel, Nyon

"Avec Trans-Cutucú, trigon-film propose une sorte de complément documentaire au récent et magnifique Birdwatchers. Une nouvelle illustration du profond fossé entre traditions centenaires et modernité triomphante..." Le Temps

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