Houve uma vez dois verões


Houve uma vez dois verões

Jorge FurtadoBrazil – 2003

Jorge Furtado's debut feature, Houve Uma vez Dois Verões (Two Summers), is about a teenager who learns some hard truths about life. Teenager Chico (André Arteche) wants to lose his virginity during a family vacation. Roza (Ana Maria Mainieri) becomes his willing partner. Months later, Roza finds Chico and demands money so that she can get an abortion. Chico learns that she is lying to him, but he also realizes he still cares for her.

Original Title Houve uma vez dois verões
German Title Zwei Sommer
French Title Deux étés
Other Titles Two Summers
Directed by Jorge Furtado
Country Brazil
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Jorge Furtado
Film Editing Giba Assis Brasil
Soundtrack Léo Henkin
Cinematography Alex Sernambi
Sound Cristiano Scherer
Production Casa de Cinema de Port Alegre
Runtime 76 Min.
Language Portugiesisch/d/f
André Arteche
Ana Maria Mainieri
Pedro Furtado
Julia Barth
Vitoria Mazzini

Nacional Filmfestival Brazil:
Best director, best screenplay, best editing
Festival International de Fribourg 2003

«Comédie réalisée par l'un des plus grands réalisateurs de courts-métrages brésiliens, dont c'est ici le premier long métrage, ce film s'adresse à tous les adolescents mais aussi à ceux qui n'ont pas oublié leur première histoire d'amour, avec ses angoisses et ses joies.»

Jeune Cinéma, Académie de Versailles

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