To vlemma tou Odyssea

Theo AngelopoulosGreece – 1995

A Greek-American filmmaker, known simply as «A», returns to his hometown in northern Greece for a screening of his latest controversial film. His real reason for coming back, however, is to track down three long-missing reels of film by Greece's pioneering Manakia brothers who in the early years of cinema traveled through the Balkans, ignoring national and ethnic strife and recording ordinary people, especially craftsmen, on film. Their images, he believes, hold the key to lost innocence and essential truth, to an understanding of Balkan history Thus he embarks on a search that takes him across the war-torn Balkans, a landscape of spectral figures and broken dreams, right to the heart of darkness: a damaged film archive in Sarajevo where his quest ends. Like a latter-day Ulysses he finds his «Ithaca», the missing, undeveloped film and is at last united with the work of the Manakia brothers... his gaze communes with theirs and another journey begins. 

Original Title To vlemma tou Odyssea
German Title Der Blick des Odysseus
French Title Le regard d'Ulysse - Ulysses' Gaze
Other Titles Lo sguardo di Ulisse
Directed by Theo Angelopoulos
Country Greece
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris, Giorgio Silvagni
Film Editing Takis Koumoundouros, Yannis Tsitsopoulos
Soundtrack Eleni Karaindrou
Cinematography Giorgos Arvanitis, Andreas Sinanos
Sound Thanassis Arvanitis
Décors Nikos Triandafilopoulos
Costumes Giorgos Ziakas
Production Theo Angelopoulos, Phoebe Economopoulos, Eric Heumann
Runtime 176 Min.
Language Griechisch, Englisch, Italienisch/d/f
Harvey Keitel A
Erland Josephson S
Maia Morgenstern Frau - femme
Thanasis Vengos Taxifahrer
Giorgos Mihalakopoulos Freund -ami
Costas Santas
Dora Volanaki
Mania Papadimitriou
Thanos Grammenos
Nadia Mourouzi
Vangelis Kazan
Eva Kotamanidou
Miranda Kounelaki
Christoforos Nezer
Vasilis Bouyiouklakis

Cannes Film Festival 1995: Grand Prix du Jury, FIPRESCI Award

Felix Award: Best European Film of the Year 1995


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