The shepherd Gombo lives with his wife, three children and grandmother in a tent on the Mongolian steppe, when all of a sudden the Russian truck driver Serguei gets stuck with his truck close to there tent. The cultural gap between Gombo and Sergei seems to be big, but with the time they all come closer, when knowing mor about eachother.

Original Title Urga
German Title Urga
French Title Urga
Other Titles Urga
Directed by Nikita Michalkow
Country Mongolia
Available Formats 35mm, DVD
Screenplay Nikita Michalkow, Rustam Ibraguimbekow
Film Editing Joëlle Hache
Soundtrack Eduard Artemiew
Cinematography Vilen Kalyuta
Sound André Rigaut, Jean Goudier, Jean Umansky
Décors Aleksey Levchenko
Costumes Irina Ginno
Production Camera One, Hachette Premiere, UGC Images, Studio Trits
Runtime 119 Min.
Language Russisch, Mongolisch/d/f
Wurinile Bouin
Larissa Kusnezowa Marina
Bayaertu Gombo
Badema Pagma
Vladimir Gostyukhin Sergei
Jon Bochinski Stanislas
Yongyan Bao Bourma
Biao Wang Van Biao
Nikolai Voshchilin Nikolai

Goldener Löwe Venedig 1991

Oscar Nomination


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