Der Wanderzirkus - Gánh xiêc rong


Der Wanderzirkus - Gánh xiêc rong

Viêt Linh NguyenVietnam – 1992

Dat and his sister live with their eternally drunk father in a small village in the Vietnamese mountains. One day a travelling circus appears. Dat makes friends with the girl from the circus: He hopes to get behind the trick with which the jugglers suddenly conjure up rice for everyone from an empty basket. Could Dat and his sister, could all the starving people from now on have enough to eat through this incredible miracle? Dat is bitterly disappointed: everything was just dizziness and lazy magic.

Set in the central highlands of Vietnam, Travelling Circus is a bittersweet story of famine-ridden villagers and was one of the most internationally acclaimed Vietnamese movies from the 1980s.

Original Title Der Wanderzirkus - Gánh xiêc rong
German Title Der Wanderzirkus
French Title Le troupe de cirque ambulant
Other Titles Travelling Circus
Directed by Viêt Linh Nguyen
Country Vietnam
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Pham Thuy Nhan
Film Editing Thien Hu'o'ng
Soundtrack Hoang Hiep
Cinematography Dinh Angh Dung
Production Giai Phong Film Studio, Ho-Chi-Minh-City
Runtime 87 Min.
Language Vietnamesisch/d/f
Thé Anh
Son Bac
Khuong Be
Ngan Thai
Minh Vien

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