Gaston Kaboré’s movie «Zan Boko explores the conflict between tradition and modernity with a family in a rural contexr. It has been for long time a central theme in many African films. Kaboré tells the poignant story of a village family swept up in the current tide of urbanization. In doing so, «Zan Boko» expertly reveals the transformation of an agrarian, subsistence society into an industrialized commodity economy.

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Original Title Zan Boko
German Title Zan Boko
French Title Zan Boko
Other Titles Zan Boko
Directed by Gaston Kaboré
Country Burkina Faso
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Gaston Kaboré
Film Editing Andrée Davanture, Marie-Jeanne Kanyala
Soundtrack Henri Guédon
Cinematography Sekou Ouedraogo
Sound Joanny N. Traoré
Décors Joseph Kpobly
Production Gaston Kaboré
Runtime 98 Min.
Language More/d/f
Joseph Nikiema Tinga
Colette Kaboré Nopoko
Célestin Zongo Yabre
Hippolyte Wangrawa Boy
Gady Pafadnam Tiraogo
Simone Tapsoba Tirago's Wife

Karthago 1988
Silberner Tanit

Amiens 1988
Spezialpreis der Jury

Berlin 1988

«Thema ist die Konfrontation zwischen Stadt und Land, zwischen traditionellen Werten und zerstörerischer Moderne.»

Kaboré creates a gripping narrative out of the story of two men from very different worlds. They share a common integrity: a peasant farmer who loses his land to a wealthy businessman and a journalist whose uncompromising TV expose of the farmer’s victimization, is censored by a corrupt government. This film is the first to examine the role of mass media in contemporary Africa, Zan Boko is a tribute to the ancestral heritage of agrarian village societies.» New York African Filmfestival

«The film provides viewers with a unique opportunity to see our own televised civilization through the eyes of the traditional societies it is replacing.» California Newsreel


Gaston Kaboré:
«Zan Boko est le choc de deux monde, choc à la fois spatial et culturel entre la ville et la campagne, qui se réalise au détriment de la seconde. Ce film raconte la disparition d'un petit village d'Afrique Noire qui est absorbé par une agglomération urbaine en pleine extension. Une communauté rurale caractérisée par un rythme propre de vie et une vision spécifique du monde, va brutalement basculer et perdre son identité.»

«Ich halte eine Evolution für notwendig. Afrika kann nicht statisch bleiben. Aber man muss all das behalten, was positiv ist auf der Ebene der sozialen Werte und der tiefen Beziehung zwischen den Menschen.»


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