Banel e Adama


Banel e Adama

Ramata-Toulaye SySenegal – 2023

North of Senegal, in a small remote village. Banel and Adama are fiercely in love. Longing for a home of their own, they have decided to live apart from their families and that Adama won’t accept his blood duty as future chief. When Adama informs the village council of his intention, the whole community is disrupted. The rain that’s supposed to come doesn’t come. Banel and Adama will learn that where they live, there is no room for passions, let alone chaos.

Original Title Banel e Adama
German Title Banel e Adama
French Title Banel e Adama
Other Titles Banel e Adama
Directed by Ramata-Toulaye Sy
Country Senegal
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Ramata-Toulaye Sy
Film Editing Vincent Tricon
Soundtrack Bachar Mar-Khalifé
Cinematography Amine Berrada
Sound Benjamin Silvestre, Olivier Voisin, Jean-Pierre Laforce
Décors Oumar Sall
Costumes Mariam Diop
Production La Chauve-Souris, Take Shelter
Runtime 87 Min.
Language Pulaar/d/f
Khady Mane Banel
Mamadou Diallo Adama
Binta Racine Sy Die Mutter / La mère
Moussa Sow Racine

«Das konzentrierte Schauspiel und bestechende Bildkompositionen vermittlen ein menschliches Drama von seltener Intensität.»

«Ramata-Toulaye Sy's Debut Film Is Striking And Sophisticated – a performance piece that really gets under your skin.»

«Sy paints breathtaking scenes with her camera, demonstrating a gorgeous way of seeing the world.»
The Hollywood Reporter

«A dreamlike debut.»

«Poised to establish her as a major African talent as the continent aims to gain more traction around the world.»

«This is an impressive piece of work from a natural film-maker.»
The Guardian

«Banel and Adama is a modern tale about emancipation. Enlightening.»
France Info


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