Sin señas particulares


Sin señas particulares

Fernanda ValadezMexico – 2020

Magdalena hasn’t heard from her son in months—not since he left their town to cross the border into the United States. The authorities want her to sign her son’s death certificate, but an encounter with a bereaved parent makes Magdalena realize that she cannot live without knowing his fate. She begins an odyssey across Mexico, though areas of violence and desolation, chasing any available lead despite being warned not to publicly ask such questions. Along the way, she meets and travels with recently deported Miguel, who finds himself journeying home through a changed country.

Grappling with the painful issue of migrants disappearing on their way to the U.S., writer/director Fernanda Valadez’s ambitious feature debut employs a tremendous economy of film language as it traverses across a varied contemporary Mexican landscape, expanding as our emotional experience of Magdalena’s journey swells to meet her own. The solemn Sin Señas Particulares punctuates its contemplation of family and loss with fleeting moments of human connection, allowing one woman’s aching personal story to encapsulate the weight of a tremendous real-world humanitarian crisis.

Original Title Sin señas particulares
German Title Was geschah mit Bus 670?
French Title Sans signe particulier
Other Titles Identifying Features
Directed by Fernanda Valadez
Country Mexico
Available Formats Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Fernanda Valadez, Astrid Rondero
Film Editing Fernanda Valadez, Astrid Rondero, Susan Korda
Soundtrack Clarice Jensen
Cinematography Claudia Becerril Bulos
Sound Omar Juárez Espino
Décors Dalia Reyes
Production Astrid Rondero, Fernanda Valadez, Jack Zagha, Yossy Zagha
Runtime 97 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f
Mercedes Hernández Magdalena
David Illescas Miguel
Juan Jesús Varela Jesús
Ana Laura Rodríguez Olivia
Laura Elena Ibarra Chuya
Xicotentalt Ulluoa Pedro

Sundance Filmfestival 2020: Audience Award
World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Best Screenplay

San Sebastián International Film Festival: Horizontes Award

Molodist International Film Festival: Grand Prix

Filmfestival Zürich: Hauptpreis bester Spielfilm

«Dieser furchtlose, magische, eindringliche und realitätsnahe Film startet als Reise und führt uns in eine filmische Welt, in der die Monster real sind.» Jury Filmfestival Zürich

«Ein selbstbewusstes, gelungenes und unverwechselbares Regiedebüt.»

«In jeder Hinsicht beeindruckend vollendetes Kino.»
Screen International

«We should be seeing a lot more from Valadez for years to come, and contemporary Mexican cinema will be all the better for it.»
The Hollywood Reporter

«This fearless, magical, intrusive and all-too-real movie begins as a straight forward journey, then leads the viewer into a cinematic world where monsters are real. The film focuses on a humanitarian crisis left behind empty villages and armies of people, and is a comprehensive portrait of tragedy. He's a stunning approach to a fable about war, and he's connected to many places around the world at war internally. This outstanding first feature film by a group of exceptional artists refuses to put up any stereotypes about what a women-made film can be.» Jury Filmfestival Zürich

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