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Una noche Lucy Mulloy Cuba 2012
Una questione privata Paolo & Vittorio Taviani Italy 2017
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Apichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand 2010
Une famille respectable Massoud Bakhshi Iran 2012
Une ville à Chandigarh - Le Corbusier Alain Tanner India 1965
Unni - Life is All About Friends Murali Nair India 2006
Urga Nikita Michalkow Mongolia 1991
Utamaro o meguru gonin no onna Kenji Mizoguchi Japan 1946
Uttara Buddhadeb Dasgupta India 2000
Uwasa no Onna - Her Mothers Profession Kenji Mizoguchi Japan 1954
Vacances au pays Jean-Marie Teno Cameroon 1999
Valley of Saints Musa Syeed India 2012
Virgem Margarida Licínio Azevedo Mozambique 2012
Wajib Annemarie Jacir Palestine 2017
Wara mendel - Dance of the Wind Rajan Khosa India 1997
Wênd Kûuni Gaston Kaboré Burkina Faso 1982
Wenn die Kraniche ziehen Michail Kalatosow Russia 1957
West Beyrouth Ziad Doueiri Lebanon 1998
Western Valeska Grisebach Bulgaria 2017
What Time is it There? - Ni na bian ji dian Ming-liang Tsai Taiwan 2001
When I Saw You - Lamma Shoftak Annemarie Jacir Jordan 2012
Whisky Pablo Stoll & Juan Pablo Rebella Uruguay 2004
White Sun Deepak Rauniyar Nepal 2016
Wilaya Pedro Pérez Rosado Western Sahara 2012
Winter Sleep Nuri Bilge Ceylan Turkey 2014
Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass Fredi M. Murer Switzerland 1974
Wo Ai Ni - I Love You Yuan Zhang China 2003
Wolf and Sheep Shahrbanoo Sadat Afghanistan 2016
Women's Paradise - Ayolar Saltanati Yusup Razykow Uzbekistan 2000
Wonderful Town Aditya Assarat Thailand 2008
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