25 Watts

CHF 14.90 / EUR 13.80

Réalisation: Juan Pablo Rebella & Pablo Stoll
Uruguay 2001

Three slackers in suburban Montevideo go about the weekend doing almost nothing. Leche (Daniel Hendler), worried about a foul premonition, should be studying for his Italian language exam, but is more concerned with hitting on his teacher; Javi (Jorge Temponi) can't wait to get rid of his job announcing sales for the local convenience store from a car with a loudspeaker strapped to the roof; and Seba (Alfonso Tort) is mostly worried about what film he should rent from the local video store. No one has anything important to do, other than to survive the weekend.

Tiger Releases
Language OV spanish Subtititles english, nederlands
Length 92 min. Screen format 4/3 LB PAL, color FSK 12 Region code 2
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