Death of a Bureaucrat - La muerte de un burócrata

CHF 14.90 / EUR 13.50

Director: Tomàs Gutiérrez
Cuba 1966

A Cuban worker dies accidentally and is buried together with his union card. It soon turns out that the widow will absolutely need the card for claiming her pension. Young nephew starts his hilarious fight against the authorities in order to disinter and rebury his uncle and retrieve the precious document.

Language OV spanish Subtitles english, deutsch
Length 84 min. Screen 1:1.66 - 4/3 NTSC, b&w Sound DD 2.0 FSK 12 Region code All regions
Bonus 24 x 45: 24 images/min. – 45 years ICAIC | Cine mercado para morir – Las utopias futures | Photos | Biography | Filmography

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