Mundo Grúa - Crane World

CHF 14.90 / EUR 13.80

Directed by Pablo Trapero
Argentina 1999

Pablo Trapero's first feature uses non-actors in a tale that is by turns humorous and heartbreaking. This slice-of-life drama, told in a series of episodes, invites comparisons to the Neo-Realism of 1950s Italian cinema. At the center is Rulo, a one-time rock star and now our overweight middle aged, chain smoking hero, trying to support his aging mother and musician son. As his efforts go increasingly awry, it is the love of family and friends that keeps him hopeful. Beautifully photographed in black and white and directed with a combination of aesthetic freshness and emotional subtlety.

Tiger Releases
Language OV spanish Subtitles english, nederlands
Length 90 min. Screen format 4/3 PAL, b&w Sound DD 2.0 FSK 6+ Region code 2
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