The Beekeeper - O mellissokomos

Theo AngelopoulosGreece – 1986 – More information on this movie


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Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos directs the great Marcello Mastroianni in this extraordinary and beautifully photographed tale of self-discovery. Mastroianni plays Spyros, a schoolmaster of late middle-age who, like his father before him, is also a beekeeper. Disenchanted and unfulfilled by his life, Spyros takes leave of his wife and grown children to embark on a solitary journey in search of the emerging springtime flowers for his cherished beehives. Moving from village to village, he encounters a young girl hitchhiker who awakens in him feelings that start to become an obsession. Charged with quiet emotional intensity, The Beekeeper is a moving and powerful film about a man's struggle to find release from the spectre of the past.

trigon-film dvd-edition 220
Language OV greek Subtitles deutsch, français
Length 117 min. Screen 4/3 PAL, color Sound DD 1.0 FSK 16 Region code All regions
Bonus Interview with Theo Angelopoulos (35 min.)

Theo Angelopoulos: Trilogy of silence


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