Alfredo Soderguit

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Born in Rocha in Uruguay in 1973, at 18 he
made an animated film adaptation of an
Ernest Hemingway story which won a best
newcomer award. In 1998 he began working
as a children‘s book illustrator and on various
cartoon as well as gaining experience on a
commercial animation production. In 1999
he founded the SO (Symbolic Operation) art
collective. His illustrations have been shown at
international exhibitions. Following workshops
at the Escuela de Cine del Uruguay he became
co-founder of the Palermo Animation Studios
in 2005.

Anina (Flyer)

Anina (2013)

Anina Yatay Salas est une petite rouquine rêveuse qui n'aime vraiment pas son nom dont chaque partie est un palindrome, c'est-à-dire qu'on peut lire indifféremment par le début ou par la fin. Ses camarades de classe la taquinent toujours à ce propos, particulièrement l'ennemie jurée d'Anina, Yisel. Suite