A naked woman is found murdered in the Mongolian steppe. Overnight, a young and inexperienced policeman has to secure the crime scene. Since he is not familiar with the dangers on site, a local herder is sent to guard him and the body. This resolute woman in her mid-thirties knows how to handle a rifle – and how to scare away wolves. She lights a fire against the cold. Alcohol also helps them to stay warm. At her instigation, the two get closer to each other. The next morning, they will go their separate ways. At the centre of this film is a tenacious woman in the uninhabited expanse of the steppe. This otherwise self-sufficient herder, known to everyone as ‘dinosaur’, only tolerates her caring neighbour when there is a problem with her herd. Anything that goes beyond that, she brusquely rejects. As for herself and her future, she has her very own plan, one which is related to the lonely landscape and its myths. The setting of this film is far more than just a backdrop; rather, its own singular reality seeps into the narrative. The story itself is full of comic moments and surprising twists and turns; it also handles existential themes in a beautifully casual fashion.

Conférence de presse Berlinale 2019

Articles sur le film: Deux Ours d'argent

Deux prix à la Berlinale pour le film chinois SO LONG, MY SON


Titre original Öndög
Titre allemand Öndög
Titre français Öndög
Autres titres Öndög
Réalisation Quan'an Wang
Pays Mongolie
Scénario Wang Quan'an
Montage Yang Wenjian
Image Aymerick Pilarski
Son Wang Xuliang
Equipment Bater
Costumes Wurichaihu
Production Wang Quan'an
Durée 100 Min.
Langue Mongolisch/d/f
Dulamjav Enkhtaivan Hirtin
Norovsambuu Batmunkh Junger Polizist
Gangtemuer Arild Polizeichef
Aorigeletu Hirte

Berlinale 2019

«An dieser Weite prallt jede dramatische Regung ab: Wang Quan’ans Komödie „Öndög“ spielt in der leuchtenden Landschaft der Mongolei.» Tagesspiegel

«Prächtig fotografierter Film aus der mongolischen Steppe.» Radio RBB Berlin

«Während uns die Moderne schon wieder abhanden zu kommen scheint, kann man sie in der Mongolei noch in ihrer ganzen Pracht bewundern.» Perlentaucher

«Wit, tenderness and philosophical speculation come together in an easy manner.» Screen International


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