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Journey to Jah

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A documentary by Noël Dernesch & Moritz Springer
Switzerland/Germany 2013

The documentary film JOURNEY TO JAH is a tale of the seeking and finding of a spiritual home in a foreign culture, one that follows people who are connected by one thing: music. Synopsis The two directors Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer, as well as cameraman Marcus Winterbauer (Rhythm is it), spent seven years shadowing two unique reggae artists – the German Gentlemen and Italian Alborosie – on their search for authenticity away from western consumerist societies in the land of Rastafari and reggae: Jamaica..

Together with the protagonists we delve into a world where music is used as an outlet to confront poverty, criminality and a lack of prospects, but also one that is characterized by a deep and uplifting spiritual bond. A world about which Alborosie says, «God lives here. But Satan too.» Welcome aboard the JOURNEY TO JAH! 

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Language English | Deutsch | Patois Subitles english, deutsch
Length 92 min. Screen 16/9 PAL, color Sound DD 5.1 & 2.0 FSK 0 Region code 2
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