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  • Love Island - Otok ljubavi

    Jasmila Zbanic

    All inclusive! Sun, swimming, fund and love.

  • Memories on Stone

    Shawkat Amin Korki

    The adventures of a kurdish filmcrew

  • Nabat

    Elchin Musaoglu

    An elderly woman's last stand in a war-evacuated mountain village

  • Fredi M. Murer - The Mountain Trilogy

    Fredi M. Murer

    Restored version of Murer's three mountain movies

  • The Suspended Step of the Stork - To meteoro vima tou pelargou

    Theo Angelopoulos

    Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau

  • Theeb

    Naji Abu Nowar

    A classic adventure film of the best kind

  • Star

    Anna Melikian

    The dream of being a famous star

  • Refugiado

    Diego Lerman

    Mother and child on the run

  • Mr. Kaplan

    Álvaro Brechner

    My name is Kaplan, Jacob Kaplan

  • Fish & Cat - Mahi va gorbeh

    Shahram Mokri

    All is not as it seems

  • Durak - The Fool

    Juri Bykow

    A hero in modern times

  • Ecuador

    Jacques Sarasin

    A film about a political project, where utopia became reality

  • The Man Who Mends Women - The Wrath of Hippocrates

    Thierry Michel

    The portrait of an outstanding man and his tireless struggle against barbarism

  • Kick Off

    Shawkat Amin Korki

    A humane and eloquently voiced plea for Iraq's marginal citizens

  • Death for Sale

    Faouzi Bensaidi

    About easy money, a femme fatale, a trip to the end of life

  • The Journey - The Voyage - El viaje

    Fernando Solanas

    A journey from the south towards the north of latin america

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