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  • Lamb

    Yared Zeleke

    About a little boy who loves cooking and his lamb

  • Ixcanul

    Jayro Bustamante

  • Fredi M. Murer - The Mountain Trilogy

    Fredi M. Murer

    Restored version of Murer's three mountain movies

  • As I Open My Eyes

    Leyla Bouzid

    The vibrating portrait of a young woman in Tunisia

  • Le challat de Tunis

    Kaouther Ben Hania

    An audacious mockumentary

  • Theeb

    Naji Abu Nowar

    A classic adventure film of the best kind

  • Durak - The Fool

    Juri Bykow

    A hero in modern times

  • Worlds Apart

    Christopher Papakali

    Three touching love stories set in modern day Greece

  • A Dragon Arrives! - Ejheda vared Mishavad!

    Mani Haghighi

    A bewildering interplay between truth and fiction

  • Fish & Cat - Mahi va gorbeh

    Shahram Mokri

    All is not as it seems

  • Wolf and Sheep

    Shahrbanoo Sadat

    Childhood in a small village in rural Afghnistan

  • Corn Island

    George Ovashvili

    A powerful life-and-death fable

  • Tangos, the Exile of Gardel

    Fernando Solanas

    Exile in Paris - Digitally restored version

  • Sankofa

    Haile Gerima

    The recuperation of one's past in order to comprehend the present and find one's future

  • Russian Avant-garde

    Boris Barnet

    The Russian cinema of the 1920s - 3 silent movies in restored version

  • Memories on Stone

    Shawkat Amin Korki

    The adventures of a kurdish filmcrew

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