Fredi M. Murer - The Mountain Trilogy

CHF 34.00 / EUR 29.00

This beautiful DVD-box contains three mountain movies by Fredi M. Murer and a booklet (in german language, two of the films are subtitled in english), edited by Walter Ruggle. Höhenfeuer, the outstanding fiction film by Murer, won 1985 the Locarno Filmfestival and was elected best Swiss Film ever by the members of the Swiss Film Academy. Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass wir da sind and Der grüne Berg are part of the box, a kind of trilogy on the Swiss mountains.  The three films have been digitalised and carefully restored. It's for the first time that they are available on DVD in the restored version.

atalante filmedition
Restored versions of:
Wir Bergler in den Bergen: OV Swiss german & Versions in english and french - Subtitles: deutsch - 108 min. - Screen: 4/3 PAL, color - Sound: DD 2.0
Höhenfeuer: OV Swiss german & DV Deutsch, Français, Italiano - Subtitles: english, deutsch, français - 113 min. - Screen: 16/9 PAL, color - Sound: DD 2.0
Bonus: Comented track in Swiss german by Fredi M. Murer and Pio Corradi
Der grüne Berg:
OV Swiss german - Subtitles: deutsch, français - 108 min. - Screen: 4/3 PAL, color - Sound: DD 5.1
Chapters - No zone code


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