Gorod Zero - Zero City

Karen Schachnasarow - ShakhnazarovRussia – 1989 – More information on this movie

Original version with german subtitles

CHF 21.00 / EUR 19.00

Varakine, an engineer from Moscow, sets off on a mission to a provincial town where he finds himself in the middle of bizarre events. Surprise by surprise on his way to a factory where he is supposed to join a meeting. He is welcomed by a naked secretary but no one finds that strange. Then he learns that the factory has not had a head engineer for two years and no one noticed it. A cook in a restaurant where Varakine goes for diner serves him a human head-shaped dessert; finding out being in a family relationship with the visitor he commits suicide. Developing an absurd tone, The City Zero is a fantastical and tragic farce that shows a system of abnormal human relations that become the norm.

trigon-film dvd-edition 
Language OV russian Subtitles deutsch
Length 103 min. Screen 1:1.37 PAL, color Sound DD FSK 16+ Region code All regions

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